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Reliable asset protection

In addition to our stable stop-log system, our product range also includes a magnetic plate solution which is particularly suitable for closing smaller openings such as doors, windows and light shafts – the so-called “WHS Magnet System”.

Attention: Due to the high demand, processing times may be longer. Thank you for your understanding!


The system consists of custom-made sealing plates with integrated seals. The plates are made of light metal alloy and can be fixed by hand as required using magnet technology. Depending on the requirements, different versions of the plates are available: pivoted, 3-sided sealing for the closure of half doors or windows and 4-sided sealing for the complete closure of openings.


The individual sealing plates can be easily installed in a modular fashion at all necessary locations – including windows, doors, light shafts and other openings. The various custom-made designs enable safe, versatile, individual and flexible use in all situations.

Alternative: immediate help

In order to guarantee stability, systems in flood and asset protection usually require some preparation. In other words, brackets or anchors are permanently fitted initially so that the modular system can be quickly mounted manually when danger threatens.

However, should the flood hit you and your house unprepared, we have a spontaneous alternative available for you. On request, we can offer you a completely flexible emergency relief option, which you can easily set up without the need for any prior fitting and assembly work.

Clever systems for secure protection


The sealing plates are made-to-measure and are available in various designs depending on requirements.

Manual fitting

The metal alloy plates are lightweight and can easily be fixed manually using magnet technology.


All openings such as doors, windows, light shafts etc. can be completely or half closed.

Immediate help

If preparatory construction measures have not been taken, adjustable door and window locks are a possible alternative.
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