• Mobile flood protection

    Gesellschaft für operativen Hoch­wasser­schutz mbH

Our task:
to provide rapid protection in the event of flooding

In many places, floods pose a serious threat to the safety of people, buildings and property. When it comes, it comes quickly. We – the Gesellschaft für operativen Hochwasserschutz mbH (GOH) – were founded as a family business in Cologne in 1995 and since then have been providing safety all around the world as a specialist for mobile flood protection systems.

Mobile flood protection DPS 2000®

The DPS 2000® top-log system is designed for disaster control. This means we are frequently commissioned by cities, municipalities, public authorities and businesspeople all across the EU and oversee large-scale projects. The system is only set up in the event of flooding. The mobile elements can be completely dismantled.
Thanks to the affiliated metal construction company, GOH is able to develop special individual solutions for extreme situations in the shortest possible time.

Asset protection with the WHS magnetic plate system

Our WHS magnetic plate system offers versatile and flexible asset protection for sealing-off openings. The custom-made plates are lightweight and, if necessary, can be fitted as modules manually. In the event of flooding, doors, windows, light shafts and other vulnerable areas can be optimally protected against water penetration.

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