• When you are up to your neck in water

    Simply safe

Advantages of the DPS 2000®

In many places, high water levels pose a serious threat to the safety of people, buildings and property. In order to reliably seal-off areas of different shapes and sizes against flooding, we at GOH have developed an innovative system for flood control.

The individual components are mobile, easy to assemble and can be combined with each other in a modular way. The DPS 2000® flood protection system combines all the practical advantages that set it apart from competing products.


You can set up mobile flood protection systems of the type DPS 2000® simply, quickly and reliably even without any prior know-how: no loose screws are used in the system. Individual components can be easily plugged together – without horizontal bracing, without screw connections with dirt-sensitive metric thread (fine thread) and without other cumbersome locking devices.


Sudden, inundating water masses have a tremendous force. A decisive criterion for the suitability of a protection system is therefore its stability. We work in accordance with BWK Merkblatt Volume 6 and meet all the requirements for mobile flood protection systems. The result is a protective barrier that can ­optimally withstand even large impact loads.


All dismountable components are made of aluminium. The supports are usually free-standing i.e. without any rear steel bracing. When danger looms, the protective barrier can be quickly transported to the required location and erected in a very short time without cranes or other heavy equipment.


Our systems must also function under difficult conditions such as darkness, rain or snow. The coarse thread design of our screws enormously facilitates application. The thread is insensitive to dirt, faster to fit and achieves its stability after only one or two thread turns.  


The supports have full-surface floor seals. The seals are not simple hose seals, but are made of EPDM/foam rubber and are not glued. They have a long service life and are insensitive to dirt and vandalism. If necessary, they can be replaced by hand.

Our stop logs are subject to surface treatment: the lowest beams are powder-coated blue. The others are anodised. This is not primarily decorative, but rather functional. On the one hand it makes assembly easier, on the other hand the surface protection prevents any cold welding of the aluminium logs during storage.

Safety at the very highest level

Maximum safety

Patented S-shaped interlocking stop logs achieve a much higher degree of tightness than required by the DIN standard.

Maximum stability

The logs interlock tightly and withstand water pressure, current and impact.

Quick assembly

The simple construction offers rapid protection in an emergency – even without any prior know-how.

Guaranteed statics

Special solutions on request: protection heights of more than 4.00 metres have already been implemented.
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